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Mussoorie is hill station of Uttarakhand. It is a beautiful place to visit. Every year
thousands of tourist travels there. Mussoorie is famous for its pleasant
weather and the view one can experience there. A major share of tourist are
attracted by this charismatic place. This mountain tourist destination falls in
the Himalayan range in the middle of the Himalayan ranges, which is also
called  the ‘Queen of Mountains’ Nearby
Landour town also comes under Greater or Greater Mussoorie Including Balganj
and Jharipani its average elevation is 2005m (6600 ft  ) 
above sea level, in which the Green Mountains are inhabited by various
plants in the north-east the snow-covered peaks are visible, while in the south
the Doon valley and the Shivalik range are visible for this reason, this city
appears like a parimahal for tourist Mussoorie is also the gateway to Gangotri.
The flora and Fauna found in Dehradun add to its charm even more, it is a
popular summer tourist destination for residents of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh.
Mussoorie tourism is the one of tourism of Uttarakhand. Mussoorie tourist
places  are very popular.


The history
of Mussoorie begins with the discovery of the present site of Mussoorie in 1825
by Captain Young, an adventurous British military officer, and Mr. Shore,
resident and superintendent of Dehradun. That’s when the foundation of this holiday
tourist destination was laid, for which still only few options are called. A
sanatorium was built in 1827, in Landour, which is today a cantonment. Colonel
Everest made his home here in 1832 and by 1901 the population was accessible by
road from Saharanpur, 58 km away. In the year 1900, its accessibiltity became
easy due to the road route was shortened to only 21 km. About its name people
often attribute its name to “Mansoor”, a plant that grows in abundance here,
people who still call it Mansoori.


This place is
the part or Mussoorie tourism. 15 km from Mussoorie on Yamunotri Road. At an
altitude of 4500 feet, it is the largest and most beautiful waterfall situated
in this beautiful valley which is surrounded by high mountains Refreshing bath
at the foot of the waterfall. And kids as well as adults enjoy it. Located
about 15 km from the city on the Mussoorie-Yamunotri road, this waterfall flows
in five different streams, which remains the center of attraction for tourists.
This place is at an altitude of about 4500 feet above sea level. Mountain
ranges are visible around it. The British often used to hold their tea feast
here. That’s why the name of this waterfall is Kempty (Camp-Tee) falls. Kempty
Falls is situated at an altitude of 1370 meters on the way to Yamunotri. Its
distance from Mussoorie is 15 kms this the most beautiful waterfall in
Mussoorie Valley. Surrounded by high mountains, the pleasing views of this
waterfall win the heart of the people. This place is one of the best place of
Mussoorie tourist places.

George Everest House -:
This is the part of Mussoorie tourism. 6 km at a distance is The Park
Estate of Sir George Everest, India’s first Surveyor General, where his
residence and office were, accessible by road Mount Everest, the world’s
highest peak, is named after him. This the best in Mussoorie tourist places.

back road -:
the one of the place of Mussoorie Tourism. Total 3 km This long road near rink
hall Kulri Starts from the market and ends at the library market it is nice to
walk or horse ride on this road. The view of sunset in the Himalayas is lovely from
here. Camel Rock from Mussoorie Public School looks like a living camel. Best
place in Mussoorie tourist places.

Telling the
saga of Buddhist civilization, this temple definitely captivates the tourist,
There are some drums on the back side of this temple it is believed that by
rotating them their wishes are fulfilled. Mussoorie tourist places are
beautiful and this is the one of them.                

Trekking -:

From Nagtiba there
is a spectacular view of the Himalayan peaks from here a total of 62 kms of
Panthwadi, Nainbagh and Kampty are covered distance can be covered.

Rasta Park Tol-
Clouds and Dhudhali about 15 km from Mussoorie it is an ideal place for
trekking Situated in the very western region of Mussoorie city, Bhadraj offers
a spectacular view of the Doon Valley, the Chakrata range and the Jaunsar Balar
region of the Garhwal Himalayas. Bhadraj Temple dedicated to Lord Balabhadra is
locate d  on the top of the hill Every time
in the third week of August (Shravan Sankranti) an yearly fair is prearranged here.

-: The 26 km long route offers some breathtaking views of the Himalayas peaks
and valley Mussoorie-Suvakholi-Sahastradhara: Sahastradhara can be reached
after motor journey up to Suvakholi, 11 km from Mussoorie and from there bus
can be caught to Dehradun.


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Laal tiba
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