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Nainital is a beautiful place in Uttarakhand . Nainital tourist places are very beautiful. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is known as lake district of Uttarakhand. Nainital got its name from the lake because it looks like an eye. Nainital is famous for naini lake. This is the top 5 tourist places in India. Nainital Tourism is one of the best tourism in India.


In ancient times, Kumaon was divided into several small princely states, and the Nainital region was under various branches of a Khasya family The first dynasty to achive consolidated dominace over Kumaun was the Chand dynasty. The founder of this dynasty, was Som Chand Whi came from Jhusi near Allahabad, who in about the seventh century, married the daughter a Katyuri king, then moved  into the interiors of Kumaon. As dowry, he was given Champawat town as well as the land of Bhabar and Terai. Establishing their capital at champawat, Som Chand and his descendants gradually started attacking and then occupying the surrounding areas.

Thus champawat was the nucleus from which Chand dominion over the whole of Kumaon extended, but this took many centuries to complete,  and Nainital and its near area was one of the last areas to be engaged Bhimtal, which is only thirteen miles from Nainital in the thirteenth century Triloki Chand built a fort to protect its borders But at that time, Nainital itself was  not under the Chand rule, and was adjacent to the western border of the state. During the reign of Raja Udyan Chand in 1420, the western boundary of the Chand kingdom extended to the Koshi and Suyal rivers, but Ramgarh and Kota were still under the former Khasia rule.

Kirat Chand, who ruled from 1488 to 1503, and expanded his territory, was finally able to establish authority over Nainital and the surrounding area which was so much free for long time. The Khasia King made an attempt to regain their independence in 1560, under the leadership of a Khasia of Ramgarh, he enjoyed a brief moment of success, but was subdued with ruthlessness by Balo Kalyan Chand Little or no effort was made on the administration of the hill region during this period all the palaces of Kumaon mentioned in the Ain- Akbari are located in the plains during the reign of Devi Chand, who became king in1720, Kumaon was invaded by the Raja of Garhwal, but he did not capture the area.

Twenty years later, the Kumaon Hills were again attacked, this time by Ruhails, with whom the war broke out in the year 1743. Ruhela entered Bhimtal while fighting, and looted it. However, they were eventually purchased by the Raja of Garhwal, who forged a temporary alliance with Kalyan Chand, then Raja of Kumaon Another invasion, two years later, was repelled by Shiv Dev Joshi, the prime minister of Kalyan Chand.

Mythology-: According to hindu mythology, it is said that out of 52 parts of mata saati, a part fell here, which was the eye, from which Naini Lake was formed. In the Puranas it is called Tiri Rishi Sarovar. It was discover by P. Barron in 1841. Its old name was chakata. There was landslide in 1880 in which 151 people died. Kathgodam railway station was built in 1884. It was made a district in 1891.


Corbet National park -: It is located in Pauri and Nainital district. Its entrance is Ramnagar thekaala. It is spread ober 520.80 sq. km. India Project Tiger was started in 1973 and it was from this park. Here  lion, elephant, bear, pig, chital, sambar, panda and cheetah etc. wild animals are found in large numbers. Best in Nainital tourism.

Kathgodam-: This is the gateway of Kumaon. It is part of Nainital tourism.

Tririshi Sarovar -:Another legend prevalent in relation to ‘Nainital’. Once in the Manas Sections of Sakanda Purana, Sages named Atri, Pustya and Pulah were going toward Gagachal. He found this place on the way. He was enchanted by the beauty of this place,but due to lack of water, it became difficult for him to stay there.

But the Three Rishis dug the earth by remembering Mansarovar with their tridents Due to this effort, water broke out from the earth at three places and “Tal” was formed here, that is why some scholars consider it preferable to call this pool by the name of Rishi sarovar. Beautiful place of Nainital tourism.

Mall Road -: On one side of the lake lies the Mall Road which is now called Govind Ballabh Panth Marg. There are many guest house eateries, shops and banks. This road is the focus center of charm for all the tourists. The Mall Road is the main road connecting Mallital and Taallital in the other side of the lake is the Thandi road this road is not as busy as  the mall road there is also Pashan Devi Temple here it is forbidden to bring vehicles on thandi road. Best place of Nainital tourism.

Tiffin top -: Best place in Nainital tourist places. Tiffin top is a beautiful picnic spot which is also known as ‘Dorothy’s Seat’. Situated on Ayarpatta peak, this place is situated at an altitude of 7520 feet above sea level, Travelers can enjoy impressive views of the mighty Himalayan ranges along with rural landscapes from here. Best place in Nainital tourist places.

Cave Garden -: Cave Garden in Nainital is a natural cave, without any tampering, KMVN has developed it into a beautiful tourist destination. One of the best place of Nainital tourist places.Tourists who reach Nainital definitely go here. Special exciting for children to go here it happens. This is  best place of Nainital Tourism.


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Nainital Tourist Places

There are some of tourist places of nainital

Naina Devi Temple

In the nainital district in the state of Uttarakhand the “Naina Devi Temple,” the  seat of the great scholarly Shakti religions, is holy place of sacred devotion Grand temple of Ma’Naina Devi Temple’ near Mallital on the banks of Naini Lake in Nainital.

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Tip and Top

This Tourist place is located in  Ayarpata area at a distance of about 4 kilometers from Nainital city and at an altitude of 2292 meters above sea level to visit the tourist here suddenly passing through the tede  mede paths of the mountain, suddenly this great

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Cave Garden

Eco cave are a famous cave located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand state, people who like adventure get a lot of fun after reaching here, Located near the famous Mall Road of Naintal, this garden is interconnected of many caves

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Naina Peak west

Peak by the local people, Naina Peak is the highest peak in Nainital it is situated at an average altitude of 2,615 meters above sea level,.

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